Smartwatch App Demo: just show, don’t tell, and show better

Even though this quick demo of this MicroMint app for a smartwatch appears to have been produced on the fly, it still could have been better with a little forethought. First, the room is noisy and the audio commentary wasn’t particularly useful and rambled a bit. So either retrack it with some planned talking points later, or just skip the audio all together – music or silence can be really nice. The video could have been much shorter as swipping through so many screen shots of bank account balances didn’t advance the story after 3 or so swipes. A better approach to storytelling would:  1) have a title graphic to clarify this as an early iteration demo 2) create context by showing the watch on someone’s wrist displaying the time, 3) show how to launch the app, 4) then swipe through a few of bank balances. We get it from there.

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